Annemieke Nijhof - Managing director Deltares


Delivering good work, to create hope for the future. That is what we are passionate about.

Good work means: creating and applying sound knowledge about water and the subsurface. This is urgently needed to keep our densely populated deltas liveable, sustainable and safe. Now and in the future, and in the Netherlands and throughout the world. The challenges facing society are gigantic and complex, and they require an integrated, systemic approach in which we bridge in-depth excellent knowledge into comprehensive insights.

Good work means also an ethical orientation: Deltares is dedicated to make a positive contribution to innovative solutions that improve life in deltas. The heart of our mission-driven work is our ambition to make an impact on society by drawing on the power of our knowledge. We wish to communicate more explicitly on how we are working towards impact and at the same time be humble about our contribution.

This is our first Impact report in which we present 19 stories that illustrate how our activities help us to work towards achieving impact. We have linked our mission-driven activities to the Sustainable Development Goals and Dutch national missions to describe our targeted contribution. We are developing our ideas on how to understand, measure and communicate impact and are continuously learning how to do better. This is a work in progress. The impact that we want to achieve will continue to determine our agenda and priorities.

Good work is also: creating positive energy that interconnects us and overcomes the difficulties that comes with our work. We can not create impact on our own. We are eager to continue working in co-creation processes with partners, other knowledge organisations and clients. And to continue our dialogue with you on developing a relevant knowledge base, addressing the right questions and creating a positive societal impact through an inclusive knowledge uptake.

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